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Advanced Mobile Surveillance Trailers

The MobilePro security trailers are designed to meet diverse security needs. Perfect for rapid deployment in various environments, they offer reliable protection for your assets, ensuring peace of mind wherever you are.

Key Features

Rugged & Self-Sustaining Remote Surveillance Trailers

Rugged & Self-Sustaining Remote Surveillance Trailers

Experience the benefits of efficient remote surveillance even in extreme environments and weather conditions with the optional insulation and heat recovery features.

The MobilePro trailers come with:

  • A smart hybrid power system, including batteries, solar panels, shore power connections, and an optional autonomous backup Honda generator, delivering continuous operation even in remote locations
  • A plug-and-play stabilized mast providing clear video at a 20-foot vantage point for comprehensive coverage and enhanced security
Adaptable Surveillance Solutions

Adaptable Surveillance Solutions

Enhance security with flexible and versatile remote surveillance solutions. The MobilePro mobile security trailers adapt to any location and support various devices to meet the specific needs of your site.

Whether you have access to power or not, our units can operate with solar panels and/or generators. The systems integrate seamlessly with world-class cameras, sensors, video management software, and access control systems, offering a versatile and comprehensive security solution.

Expert Installation and Maintenance Services

Expert Installation and Maintenance Services

Our team of skilled technicians ensures precise and professional installation and maintenance of your surveillance system. We conduct thorough evaluations to identify strategic placements for equipment, ensuring optimal visibility and minimal blind spots.

Our services include:

  • Expert Consultation: Guidance on the best equipment types and configurations for your needs.
  • Remote Access Setup: Configure your system for remote viewing and monitoring.
  • Continuous Technical Support to ensure the seamless and uninterrupted operation of your remote security trailer installations.

Exceptional Technology Integration

The MobilePro security surveillance solutions readily integrate with a comprehensive range of security equipment delivered by various manufacturers.

More MobilePro Surveillance Solutions

Explore additional mobile surveillance solutions tailored to meet your security needs.

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Whether you need temporary security during events, construction projects, or for unoccupied properties, our mobile security trailers provide a reliable and efficient solution.